Picture this:

It is a bright sunny day perfect to compliment the big event you have planned and promoted among your friends and family. You have thought through the minutest of details from lighting to decoration, the sound, not to forget the food and of course, convenient seating arrangement.

While the event venues in such cases are fully-equipped to provide for all the necessary resources, a huge gathering would require additional sanitation facilities to prevent chaos and embarrassment for the host as well as the guests. This is where portable toilets acquired on rent play a crucial role.

Uses of Portable Toilets

Portable toilets acquired on rent are not only easy to set up but are incredibly economical and fit any event budget. These toilets act as restrooms to help people meet their sanitary needs in a clean and hygienic condition. One can install these restrooms in any event like parties, celebrations, birthdays, weddings, and other outdoor events.

Types of Portable Toilets

Based on the type of event, or the number of guests invited, the type of portable toilets can be listed as follows:

1) Deluxe restroom flushing
2) Standard portable restroom
3) VIP self-contained portable restroom
4) ADA compliant portable restroom
5) Mobile shower trailer
6) Mobile restroom trailer

Benefits of Renting Portable Toilets for Your Outdoor Events

Providing an excellent sanitation facility is crucial for ensuring a comfortable experience for your guests. Since constructing a permanent bathroom wherever an event is organized is both time and labor-intensive, portable toilets have the following benefits:

● Installing a rented portable toilet will ensure your guests can enjoy the event with great satisfaction, without having to leave the location in search of relieving the nature’s call.

● The portable toilets can be easily shifted by moving from one place to another in case there are any last-minute adjustments in the event arrangements.

● Portable toilets are available in various colors, and elegant designs and hence are never an eyesore to any event decor.

● Each of the restrooms is supported by a holding tank that can hold human waste. A seat cover, and tissue papers, etc. are also provided along with luxury facilities like washing stations, mirrors, music systems, and running water.

● Differently-abled people, children, and older people can also benefit from specially designed toilets for their individual needs.

Things to Remember While Installing Portable Toilets

1. Get a headcount of the total number of guests in the event.
Once you know the exact number of people attending the event, you will be able to determine precisely how many portable toilets will be required.

2. Know the ratio of men versus women.
Toilet usage is also decided by the men versus women ratio at the event. Hence keep a count of men and women at the event to know the number of portable toilets required for each category.

3. Keep the alcohol availability at the event in mind.
If alcohol is being served at the event, the guests are likely to use the toilets more. Hence the number of portable toilets to be installed will also increase.

4. Assess the overall duration of the event in advance.
If the event is likely to last for a longer duration, it is wise to increase the number of portable toilets to ensure the guests are comfortable even for extended hours.

5. Maintain cleanliness.
It is essential to maintain cleanliness in and around the portable toilets as hygiene should be of top priority for the comfort of the guests.

If you are planning to install portable toilets on rent for your event, but are confused about the right ones to select, contact Juddy’s Septic Service and Portable Toilet Rentals today. They are professionals providing portable sanitation solutions throughout Northern Vermont and Northern New Hampshire.