Like any other household equipment, the timely upkeep and maintenance of septic tanks are of vital importance to your home and your neighborhood. An overflowing septic tank can be a hazard to the whole community, and if not checked in time, may lead to health hazards. We break down a few key points in this blog, regarding the health of your septic tank, to prevent a build-up of dangerous toxic sludge from exiting the tank, onto your yard or garden or street. A septic tank lasts for decades, so maintenance every couple of years is a simple and effective way of ensuring your tank stays working to optimal without causing foul odors and harmful pile-ups in your vicinity. Below we list a few key reasons underlining the importance of septic system maintenance.

1. Backed up plumbing

Septic tanks are underground tanks for sewage collection, which allow wastewater to enter, so that the heavier sediments may sink to the bottom, and be decomposed through bacterial activity before the water is drained or soaked away. If you have avoided cleaning or pumping your septic tank for many years, an obvious build-up of waste may be piled up and backed up in your plumbing line. This can lead to clogging in the tank or drain field pipes, eventually causing a mess on your street or home front, with smelly, wastewater, and worse, effluent material that might be discarded outside. If you are experiencing such problems, it is better to call a professional company to get your septic tank pumped and cleaned.

2. Health threat

In the absence of any maintenance whatsoever, over many years, septic tanks may break down. This scenario’s results are truly gross and harmful, which may result in groundwater pollution and effluent material rising and deposited on the street level. This is a health threat to anyone living close by, including people, animals, and domestic livestock, resulting from harmful wastewater being spread out into groundwater, wells, and local habitats. This toxic sludge is also enough to permeate a stench across your area and even seriously pollute nearby water bodies, parks, and outdoor recreation areas.

3. Groundwater pollution/water pollution during floods

A broken or malfunctioning septic tank is a hazard waiting to happen, to disrupt daily life and cause a disgusting overflow of the waste sludge emanating from the bottom of this sewage processing mechanism. All sewage goes into the septic tank to be broken down by bacterial interaction, before being flushed out. However, this slime is a toxic blend of ingredients and gasses, including methane, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia, all very deadly gasses that raise a stink and can be lethal to humans and animals in large quantities. Suppose this toxic sludge is allowed to run freely, due to a malfunction. In that case, it can indeed be very harmful if it reached the local water bodies and groundwater, especially due to heavy rain and flood water hitting the septic tank and causing it to overrun. There is nothing to be done in such a scenario except avoiding it entirely by getting your septic tank checked beforehand.

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