Septic tanks are underground tanks that are used for the collection and safe disposal of sewage. Efficient waste management is imperative to ensure a decent standard of living, and septic tanks help manage the organic waste generated within residential and institutional premises by letting the solid wastes settle at the bottom of the tank to create sludge. The liquids or oils float at the top. A well planned and thoughtfully built septic tank requires minimal maintenance.

Although a septic tank does not require much maintenance, it is essential to repair any problems or faults in your septic tank without any delay. Faulty septic tanks can cause overflowing problems, which can lead to an unpleasant and aversive stench. Thus it is crucial to ensure that the septic tanks are functioning efficiently and are well covered to avoid any potential hazards or accidents.

Owners are responsible for maintaining the septic tank within their homes or other institutional premises such as restaurants or hotels. The owners are also responsible for maintaining the site’s environmental equilibrium where the septic tank is located.

Always cordon off the area where the septic tank is situated:

It is extremely important to restrict the area with either a fence or a signboard to intimate a bystander and avoid a possible accident.
Keep the tank covered and use a durable lid.

The tank must be covered at all times with a hard-wearing and sturdy lid that does not come off easily. It is important for the safety of children and pets who may unknowingly remove the cover while playing.

It is important to remember these tips:

Avoid leaning over the tank.
A small slip can lead to a fatal accident.
Practice fire safety near septic tanks.

It is essential to keep in mind that septic tanks emit highly inflammable fumes. The most predominant gas that occurs in the septic tank is methane. It is highly explosive, and thus it is important to practice complete fire safety near the openings of your septic tanks.

If the tank needs repair work from the inside, call a professional to do it.
You must never enter a septic tank unless you have received the requisite training.

Faulty septic tanks can compromise the cleanliness and the safety of your property. Thus it is necessary to repair and maintain your septic tanks from time to time. Call Juddy’s Septic Service for efficient and cost-effective septic tank maintenance.

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