Houses installed with Septic Systems are designed to take all the waste away. Septic systems are essential in breaking down and treating solid and liquid waste through naturally occurring organic processes. And the goal is achieved through a combination of pipes, tanks, bacteria, and a drain field that work together to treat the waste coming out of your home before releasing it safely into the ground. A malfunctioning septic system can be catastrophic and makes your home unlivable, requiring certain upkeep and maintenance.

Malfunctioning septic systems are a serious inconvenience and also a biohazardous risk to humans. It is the worst nightmare of a septic system owner and devastating for the environment. Recognizing in advance, any septic failure may extend the life of your septic system and avert a catastrophic backup of sewage into your home. Should you notice a failure, please give us a call, and we will respond quickly.

Here Are 3 Signs of Septic System Failure

Sewage Backing Up into the Home

If you notice sewage backing up into the home through toilets, drains, and sinks, perhaps this is the most important and threatening sign that your sewage system is starting to fail and needs immediate attention. In certain extreme circumstances, sewage may seep up to the surface around the tank or drain field or find its way into the ground or surface water. This can be biohazardous and can contaminate the drinking water in and around your property.

Slow Draining Toilets

If you notice water draining slowly or hear gurgling sounds, it is a sign that your septic system is in trouble and needs attention. It may be a sign of blockage from solids within the pipes or even a tree root obstruction. A block can also cause a slow draining toilet in the drain traps, in which case the solution could be as simple as running a snake through the trap. But if your entire house is draining slowly, a sure-fire sign is that the whole system needs to be looked at professionally.

Changes around the Septic Tank or Drain field

Sometimes you may notice dead or dying grass around the septic tank and think it to be an indicator of failing septic system health. However, that is not true. When you notice the sudden appearance of lush, green grass around the tank or drain field, it is a strong indicator that your septic system is in trouble. This happens mainly because of effluent (Wastewater) seeping into the grass surrounding the septic system. Waste works as a strong fertilizer due to its high concentration levels of phosphate. If you see greenery around the septic tank, your system may be at risk, needing immediate attention.

If you want your septic system to function efficiently, stick to a routine maintenance schedule. We specialize in hazardous waste vacuum and removal services. We are adequately equipped to handle all types of septic tank problems.