A septic system can be a demanding plumbing system. It needs to be cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure it is operating correctly. There are certain things you can flush and items you should never flush. This blog will help you know what you can and cannot put down your toilet or drains and things to do to keep your septic system working.


– ONLY wastewater and paper should go in the toilet
– Scrape all food scraps into garbage, not down the sink
– Run your dishwasher and washing machine with full loads
– Check to make sure your detergents and other cleaners are septic system friendly

Following these helpful tips can keep your system working correctly!

Don’t put:

– Cigarette butts
– Sanitary napkins
– Disposable diapers
– Anything plastic
– Paper towels
– Cooking grease
– Any chemicals
– Or other non-biodegradable items

These items can harm your system or back it up and clog it completely. This could result in more maintenance visits or damaging your plumbing entirely.

It is also essential to the life of your system to get it cleaned and check out regularly. We offer pumping, cleaning, inspection, repair, and much more. Our professionals have been working on septic systems for 25 years. Trust us for your residential or commercial needs!