Did you know that when you buy a house with a septic system, you should get it inspected before you finalize the sale? This is usually done at the same time as your general home inspection. If there is a problem with the system, you want to find out before buying the home, not after.


The Septic Tank Inspection


You will want to have these questions answered during the inspection:



Has the system been pumped?

This is the only maintenance the previous homeowner would have to do on the system, so finding out if it has ever been pumped will help determine the condition.



Where is the septic system located?

If the homeowner doesn’t know where the system is, odds are they haven’t been maintaining it.



Septic Location Map

The original home builder would have provided this, and it should show where the tank is located and the location of each leach field and chambers.



History of the maintenance

You should ask what contractor was used? How often was it pumped? Have there been any problems? Was it ever repaired?




You should also ask where the covers are at on the property. These are the manhole covers that the technician uses to access the tank to test or clean.



A septic inspection is essential to know what you are getting yourself into before you commit to purchasing a home. If you need a septic inspection done, give us a call.