If you’ve scheduled an outdoor event and you have parking, permits, and food ordered, you’re almost there! Now to figure out your bathroom situation because people are going to have to use one eventually!


Guests’ Comfort

Not much is worse than having to use the bathroom and not having one anywhere nearby! The best thing is to have more than one so that people aren’t waiting in line for ages. The kind you choose matters as well! Our oversized stalls can make every guest comfortable.


If you’re having an outdoor event, it might be required by law to have outdoor facilities. These guidelines are important to follow to make sure you are in accordance with the law.

There are also things to consider when renting your portable toilets!

How many toilets are needed? Did you know that for every 300 people, you need at least one toilet? We recommend more than that to reduce wait times and uncomfortable people. If you have one toilet for every 30-50 people would be the best!

Don’t forget the hand washing station!

Hygiene is essential all the time, but especially when there is food involved! Make sure everyone’s hands are clean and sanitized by choosing to rent a hand washing station.

Many things go into planning your outdoor event! Make sure in your party planning you don’t forget the bathrooms! Give us a call for more information on our rates and rental policies.

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