The holidays are fast approaching and you probably have a lot of guests coming your way. You have a list of a million things to do when preparing for your guests, but did you include prepping your septic tank on that list? It might be one more thing to do, but the last thing you want to happen is a septic tank backup while your guests are staying in town! Below are some quick prepping tips you can polish up on before your guests arrive:


1. Check Your Septic System Parts

Make sure you know where the septic system and its parts are located so that you or your guests don’t accidentally damage them. You definitely don’t want someone to accidentally run over a part with their car or a serious disaster could result – a less-than-ideal disaster, involving unpleasant smells possibly!

Once you know where those parts are, it’s also a good idea to check for any plant roots or objects nearby that could damage those septic system parts, especially in the near future. If you find a situation like this, be sure to clear the way to prevent an untold circumstance!

2. Watch For The Signs Of A Clog

Did you know that your septic tank needs to be routinely pumped every 3-5 years? If it’s been a while, you should probably look into getting your system pumped. Better yet, if an inspection hasn’t been done in a good amount of time, you might want to get that done before your guests arrive, just to be sure.

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3. Get Your Septic System Inspected

Getting your septic system inspected by a professional is the best way to prevent a potential disaster while your guests are visiting. If you have an especially large gathering awaiting you for the holidays, you definitely should get your septic system inspected. The more people you have that need to use it, the more likely the system will malfunction or get “overwhelmed” – if you know what I mean!

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4. Have Your Septic System Insulated

Especially if you live in a location that gets chilly in the winter. The worst situation you and your guests can find yourselves in is with a frozen septic system! Pipes can break, causing damage that requires costly and extensive repair work – all problems that could have been avoided in the first place. Nothing can put a damper on your holiday celebrations than a septic system that might take days to repair!

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5. Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!

Septic systems are different than the usual sewer system. A septic system can be picky about what goes into it – down to the type of toilet paper you use! Use caution when considering what products go into your septic tank. Consider your garbage disposal and what goes into that – the scraps you send down there might be detrimental to the health of your septic tank! Also, avoid letting fats and oils go down your pipes; they can create a layer of scum in your tank that could require extensive and costly cleaning.

Educate yourself on how to maintain your septic tank system and to keep it working properly by following this link.

Following these five tips can ensure that your holiday season with your loved ones is bright and cheerful, with no unpleasant mishaps… well at least the ones that could relate to your septic system! Have questions or need help? We are here for you! Contact us today for all your septic system needs!