Your septic system might seem like it’s working properly, but are you sure that everything is all right? It’s hard to tell when the entire system is underground. You definitely don’t want to delay repairs if your septic tank is in need of them. Delaying service could result in an unfortunate, nasty circumstance in the near future!

Luckily, there are ways to tell if your septic tank might be in need of repair. Below are some surefire signs to tell whether your septic tank is in good shape or needs a professional to repair it.

1. Smell

Do you get an occasional whiff of sewage – indoors or outdoors – around your home? If you smell something nasty, it’s time to call a septic tank specialist. Even though a septic tank has smelly contents, it’s not supposed to smell bad. It’s possible that a pipe underground burst and your system isn’t draining as it should.

If it’s winter and your home smells “off”, it’s possible that one of your septic lines are frozen, especially if you’re experiencing very cold weather in your location. Call a professional immediately to keep your costs as low as possible and to prevent further disaster.

2. Nasty Backup

Is every drain in your home running slower or clogging up? If every drain is backing up, it’s very likely your septic tank needs repair, especially if you had it pumped recently. Sometimes waste matter will come up through your drains, including your toilet. If you’re seeing this, it’s important to call your septic tank contractor right away!

3. Property Irregularities

Is your property around the septic tank location having issues? Are puddles showing when it hasn’t rained in a while? Is the grass or foliage in that area green and thriving compared to the rest of the property? If you see these signs, it’s very likely there is a broken line underneath. It might be making your yard happier, but you will not be happier if you don’t call a contractor in the near future!

4. Your Water Isn’t The Same

When a septic tank springs a leak, it could possibly contaminate your water. Have your water tested regularly to ensure that it is safe for your use. If you don’t catch this early on, it could make your entire household very sick. Testing your water is important, since small amounts of sewage in it may not make it taste like sewage. It’s definitely worth the price to avoid getting poisoned by your own waste… gross!

Avoid The Disaster

Keeping an eye out for signs of septic repair will ensure your family’s safety and comfort. Take the time to ensure that your septic system is working properly. Be sure to get your septic system pumped and inspected regularly. By keeping a close watch, you can avoid serious, costly mistakes in the future! If you find that your septic system is having issues, call our professionals today!

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