Spring is here, and you’re probably already getting to that spring yard work! If you have a septic tank, you probably found yourself looking at it recently, realizing what an unsightly thing it is. Have no fear! There are safe ways to cover the unsightly thing. In fact, properly covering the visible parts of your septic system could protect it from external elements, extending its life. Read on for ways to turn that unsightly structure into a landscaping beauty!

First Off….


There are things that you SHOULDN’T do when it comes to covering your septic tank. These things can damage your septic tank or cause you future problems:


· Don’t plant trees closer than 25 feet – their roots could damage your septic system, causing an all-out (and smelly) disaster!

· Don’t plant grass or flowers on top of it – if the septic system needs repair in the future, you will have to dig the flowers and grass up, most likely killing them.

· Don’t fence around it – the fence posts could puncture your septic system and you don’t want that!

· Don’t grow a garden around it – your garden food could get contaminated, making you and your family sick.

· Don’t put a shed or a gazebo over it – you may have to tear it apart later when your septic tank will need cleaning or some repair work done.

The Best Ways To Decorate Your Septic Tank


· Plant grass, ornamental shrubs, or flowers around the system – planting taller plants around the system will hide the septic tank, but ensure that you can still access the tank without tearing the plants up. You could get very creative with this, using a pretty hedge or a flower garden. Just be sure that the plants are planted far enough away that their roots don’t damage your system in the future.

· Paint it – painting the lid the same color as its surroundings will camouflage the unsightly thing.

· Cover it with an old barrel – it’s easily removable and gives your surroundings a rustic, charming look. You could set a pot of flowers on it for added beauty – just be sure that you can remove them easily so that you can access the tank if you need to.

· Fake rock cover – fake rock covers are available, just be sure to measure your septic tank lid and research the proper one that you should buy before you order.



Keep In Mind


It’s always a good idea to keep your location and climate in mind when deciding how you’re going to cover up your septic tank. Be sure to decide what would be best for your situation. There are different kinds of septic tanks out there, and you want to make sure that you aren’t covering any important vents. Also, measure, measure, measure! If you’re planning to use a cover, you definitely don’t want to order the wrong size and find yourself in a pickle.

Another good idea is to consult with your local septic tank contractor. Their professional advice outweighs any suggestions made here. They also know your septic tank more than anyone else, so give them a call before you invest in covering your septic tank.

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