Step 1 Removing The Lid

Most septic tanks have access lids, and you are first going to remove this lid to get closer to the filter. After removing the lid, you must use a screwdriver to get to the filter. An excellent tip to keep in mind is to keep a sign of having people stave away from the lid.

Step 2 Removing The Filter

The Septic tank is full of feces and waste, so you must wear a mask and gloves to cover up the odor and protect your hands. After putting them on, you need to find a pipe shaped like a T known as a baffle pipe; this is where the filter is located.

Step 3 Spraying Down The Filter

After getting the filter out, you are going to place it where no one will be sprayed or get waste on them while washing it. You will hose it down until you don’t see any kind of waste on the filter! Remember to keep the water from getting to the eyes while spraying it!

Step 4 Placing The Filter Into The Baffle Pipe

After hosing it down the filter, you will put it back in the baffle pipe and ensure it is not damaged.

Step 5 Replacing The Cover

Time to put the cover back on. Please replace it securely because it protects you and your family from harmful waste. If you want your septic tank to function correctly, you must wash the filter at least once a year. Also, remember to not throw anything away into the sewer, which can cause blockage.