When you have a septic system, it is a great idea to always keep in mind these signs that show when your septic system is full! If you see any of these signs, you should call Juddy’s Septic Service immediately!


As the tank gets full. There is less space for the odor causing gases in your tank, and this gas can come up to your toilet or drains into your house. You can also smell it outside of your home. If you start smelling odor in and out of your house, it probably means that the septic tank is full.

Slow Drains

When your septic tank gets full, it will start to drain slower than usual, so check the drains and flushing regularly to see how fast they are going down. If they go down slow, get it checked with us!

Standing Water

When the tank gets full, sometimes it pulls the water into your lawn, causing multiple little pools. It usually appears around the septic tank or the drain field! This is a sure sign that your tank is full.

Sewage Backup

The worst sign that the septic tank is full is when the raw sewage is backing up into the house. It is good to check for the sewer backups in the lowest drains first, like the bathroom in your basement. If you see this, you should immediately contact us for an inspection!

Green Lawn Over Drainfield

Another unique sign that your septic system is full is when the grass around the drain field looks greener than the other grass on your lawn. This is one of the common signs that the tank is full.