Cold weather can make it hard for the bacteria to survive and function well in the fall and the winter. You do not want the bacteria to die and only have water and carbon dioxide! Follow the tips below to protect your septic tank this fall and winter!

Pump the septic system before the temperature drops

Pumping a septic tank in the fall is better than pumping in the winter because it’s hard to locate the tank with the snow. You also don’t want to dig up the frozen ground, which is much harder than digging the soft ground. Book an appointment with Juddy’s Septic Service in the Fall!

Inspect the septic tank lid

You have to ensure there are no cracks or damage to the tank lid. If water and cold get into the septic tank through the ground, it can freeze the system. Replace the lid to prevent the tank from getting frozen.

Insulate septic system

The Septic tank needs insulation during the cold weather, so it doesn’t freeze. Make sure the grass around your septic tank grows in the fall for an additional insulation layer. You can also add mulch over the septic system.