List of Dos!

-Have your system inspected every three years by a licensed contractor, and have the tank pumped every three to five years!
– Limit the use of a garbage disposal
– Properly dispose of coffee grounds & food
– Put grease in a container to harden before discarding it in the trash
– Dispose of these items in the trash can
– Consult a septic service professional to advise you of the proper distance for planting trees and shrubs, depending on your septic tank location.
– Stagger the use of water-generating appliances. This can be helpful, especially if your system has not been pumped in a long time!
– Become more water efficient by fixing plumbing leaks and consider installing bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators and water-efficient products

List of Don’ts

– Pour cooking grease or oil down the sink or toilet
– Rinse coffee grounds into the sink
– Pour household chemicals down the sink or flush them
– Flush non-degradable products or chemicals, such as feminine hygiene products, condoms, dental floss, diapers, cigarette butts, cat litter, paper towels, and pharmaceuticals
– Park or drive on your drain field. The weight can damage the drain lines.
– Plant trees or shrubs too close to your drain field. Roots can grow into your system and clog it.
– Concentrate your water use using your dishwasher, shower, washing machine, and toilet simultaneously. All that extra water can strain your septic system.