1. Slow Drains

If you notice a slow drain in the sink, bath, or toilet in your house, it could be a sign that your septic system is clogged or your system is full. You shouldn’t ignore this sign. Once you notice it, call Juddy’s Septic Service to book your appointment to empty the tank! 

2. Pooling Water 

If you notice water forming around your tank drain field, it is a key sign of an overflowing septic tank. If it hasn’t rained and you see water around the drain, you should call the professionals to take a look. 

3. A Healthy Lawn 

This is an interesting sign, but if your lawns never looked so healthy, it could be cause your septic tank is full! But if it’s just by your septic tank, that means water might be coming out of the tank, meaning leaking or it’s full. 

4. Odors 

If you start smelling odor around your septic tank and in your house, it probably is full! Your neighbors might be able to notice it, too, so make sure you call us as soon as you smell odors! 

5. Trouble Flushing 

This is linked to slow drains, but if you notice all toilets are struggling to be flushed or have a weak flush, your septic tank might be full. 

6. Sewer Backup 

No one is going to miss this sign because you are going to see it visibly. It can damage the toilet, too, so keep checking the lowest drains in your house.