Kitchen cabinets get dirty all the time, and they also get greasy from cooking. You can buy greasers from the store, but you can also make greasers at home for much cheaper! Choose one of the options below for your kitchen and start cleaning today!

1. Dish soap and water

This is the easiest way to make a degreaser and is effective for any surface that has grease.

– Add warm water to the bucket and add a few drops of any dish soap you have at home. Mix them until it is soapy.
– Grab a sponge and soak in the solution but don’t make it too wet, just enough not to drip.
– Gently scrub the cabinet back and forth until the grime is gone.
– When you are done cleaning, make sure to dry them with paper towels or

2. Baking soda and water

This solution gets rid of all the tougher jobs. Use just backing soda and a few drops of water for really greasy parts, and for mild areas, dissolve baking soda in the water.

– Mix in the bowl with a 5:5 ratio until you have a paste.
– Add solution to a microfiber cloth to the surface and start cleaning circular motions.
– After you have added paste to the cabinet, grab a damp cloth to remove all the paste. After cleaning, grab a dry cloth and remove all the moisture.

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