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How To Disguise Your Septic Tank Safely

Spring is here, and you’re probably already getting to that spring yard work! If you have a septic tank, you probably found yourself looking at it recently, realizing what an unsightly thing it is. Have no fear! There are safe ways to cover the unsightly thing. In...

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5 Tips To Properly Prep Your Septic Tank For Spring

  Spring is here! It’s time to get out of the winter slumber and make the spring cleaning checklist – don’t forget to put your septic tank on that list! Septic tanks need a little TLC after being nestled in the cold, frozen ground all winter. Temperature changes...

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Use The Right Products To Keep Your Septic System Running

So, you have a septic tank but you’re not sure what is safe to send down the drain and what isn’t. Septic tanks are certainly more finicky than a regular sewer system, and using the wrong products could result in an expensive, messy disaster.  No worries! Below you...

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4 Signs Your Septic Tank Is In Need Of Repair

Your septic system might seem like it’s working properly, but are you sure that everything is all right? It’s hard to tell when the entire system is underground. You definitely don’t want to delay repairs if your septic tank is in need of them. Delaying service could...

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Types of Septic System Tanks – Which One Do You Have?

So, you have a septic system but you’re not sure what type you have. Why does it matter? Because each septic system has different maintenance needs, so you want to be sure you are maintaining it properly, as it should be. You definitely want to prevent unnecessary...

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Make Your Septic Tank Holiday-Ready With These 5 Tips

The holidays are fast approaching and you probably have a lot of guests coming your way. You have a list of a million things to do when preparing for your guests, but did you include prepping your septic tank on that list? It might be one more thing to do, but the...

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Why You Need Portable Toilets For Your Next Event!

If you've scheduled an outdoor event and you have parking, permits, and food ordered, you're almost there! Now to figure out your bathroom situation because people are going to have to use one eventually!Guests' Comfort Not much is worse than having to use the...

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Septic Tank Inspections

Did you know that when you buy a house with a septic system, you should get it inspected before you finalize the sale? This is usually done at the same time as your general home inspection. If there is a problem with the system, you want to find out before buying the...

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What is grease trap cleaning, and why do you need it?

Did you know that grease is not supposed to go down your drains? It can clog your pipes and back up your plumbing. If you are washing too much food down your sink, that can also clog up your grease trap and create a clog in your sewer line. Grease trap cleaning is...

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Is Your Septic System Acting Up?

If your septic system has been acting strange and you are worried that something is wrong, check for these signs. If you see these signs of repair or replacement, give us a call and let us take care of it!Slow drainsIf your drains are taking forever to...

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